asthma and pets

Cat and dog allergens are everywhere. Pet dander is even in homes never occupied by these animals because it is carried on people's clothing. A variety of things in the environment can make asthma or allergy symptoms worse. Pets have a protein in their saliva (spit), urine (pee), or dander (tiny flakes of dead skin) that can set off a person's asthma or allergy symptoms. If you think being around a pet is making your. Pets can double as asthma antidote. (HealthDay)—The "hygiene hypothesis" holds that early exposure to a variety of microorganisms may.

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Asthma and pets 406
If your child has continue reading animal wsthma, you'll have to decide whether to keep your pet ane find it a new home. Sometimes, such measures may not be enough. These proteins are very small particles that are carried through the air and can come to land on a body part that lobelia extract asthma into contact with your nose or mouth like your finger or the particles can be directly inhaled into the lung. It is important to note that information contained in this brochure is not intended to replace professional medical advice. Thank you for taking your time to send in your valued opinion to Science X editors. Vacuuming can control pet dander and hair inside the house. What are your concerns? Ok More Information. The best treatment is to avoid contact with cats or dogs or the areas where they live. Secondhand marijuana smoke causes asthma symptoms in child allergic to cannabis Nov 16, Recommended for you. Some people may be allergic to all dogs. asthma and pets


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